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The internet is huge and marketing is expensive so we often times rely on what gets us the most free traffic and that is organic search results. Well, at least that worked in the past. Today even getting ranked on the first page of google for “free traffic” is expensive.  It doesnt have to be but sometimes people like, maybe you, try to get the cheap fast guys and short cut the process. That doesnt work today because Google’s algorith is much more sophisticated than it was even 3 years ago.  Which is why you need someone on your team that keeps up with algorithmic changes and implements strategies to keep up with it. Someone who doesnt use the latest “tactics” to get the fast result that 3 months later may tank your site.  We spend tons of time in the trenches and studying the algorithm from the actual patent applicatoins google submits for patent protection.  We cant see the code they use to determine what ranks or not but we can see what they are looking for by the way they submit patents for certain logic functions.  We are those people.  If you are looking for real results you should be prepared to spend some money in a thoughtful scientific approach to adding value to your website,  We are happy to discuss your site and needs, develop a strategy and share that with you after completing and giving you audit results. We hope that you would be happy enough and impressed enough to give us a shot at performing your SEO for you.  Lets get to work.  Just post your basic info over in that form to the right.